Forensic Ballistic Services


Forensic Ballistic Services has always been involved in providing training and workshops on various levels to legal practitioners including prosecutors and the legal aid board.

Understanding & Interpreting Ballistic Evidence brings forth, with the use of videos, animation and numerous photos and illustrations, the captivating field of forensic ballistic science and gives attendees an insight into the world of ballistics and gunshot wounds. Emphasis is given in how to read and understand ballistic reports, post mortem reports and what is new and current in this industry on a local and international level.

This course is especially designed for criminal and civil legal practitioners, advocates, attorneys, paralegals, judges and magistrates and a manual is provided for future reference.

Our new course, Footwear Impressions: Recording & Casting was designed and created for investigators on a fresh crime scene stressing the importance of preserving and recording footwear evidence and how to do so.

This course was launched at Mkuze Game Reserve for Ezemvelo Wildlife employees. Staffers, game rangers and managers were taught to understand and apply standardized procedures when discovering a fresh poaching scene where footwear evidence could easily be overlooked or destroyed if not recorded and cast correctly. Attendees actively participate in learning how to photograph and record the scene and particular evidence found. Attendees also take footwear impression casts and are evaluated at the end of the course with an exam.

This course is relevant to crime scene investigators or detectives. A manual is provided for future reference and for note taking.

Forensic Ballistic Services understands the needs and expectations of our attendees and strives to continually update information to keep it current and fresh while not losing focus on the core of the science.