Forensic Ballistic Services

forensic ballistic services
Above: The inside of a rubber bullet casing consists of rubber balls and filler but can be deadly if shot at close range

forensic ballistic services
Above: gas cloud leaving rifle barrel which can cause severe gas destruction on tissue at close range

forensic ballistic services
Above: mushrooming of rifle bullet

forensic ballistic services
Above: bullet in flight, penetrating through a business card


Effective use of experienced expert testimony and advice in court often turns cases around

Forensic Ballistics is defined as the study of firearm usage in crimes.

Forensic Ballistic Services is built on 27 years’ experience of long time forensic ballistic expert (firearm & toolmark examiner) Cobus Steyl. Using objective independent experts with experience brings a checks and balance system to technical and scientific evidence already submitted to the court. Attorneys & advocates should have a good working knowledge of the technical information available in order to properly prepare for a case and ensure technical evidence presented by the opposing party is correct in all aspects.

Often expert reports may be lacking information or may be written in a way which is difficult to understand leaving large grey zones open for interpretation by the court. Mr. Steyl is able to offer additional analysis beyond what the police laboratories are able to perform.

Mr. Steyl has testified in courts at all levels throughout the country in front of a multitude of well known judges. He is experienced in using visual aids such as computerized sketches, laptop presentations, photo albums provided within expert reports and the like to interpret the technical evidence in a manner which can be understood by the layman.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality forensic examinations for the criminal justice community, corporations and private individuals. We aim to provide every client with objective and reliable analysis delivered in a timely manner.

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